AutoWWW 1.1 Released

AutoWWW 1.1 has just been released for Linux. Windows builds do not exist yet, but ... Read More

Backups done right

Since this is a Blog, I've decided that I should start using it as such and therefore, ... Read More

New Website
2/27/2013 | Comments: 1

Tired of always looking on the ugly pages of my projects? There is now one new ... Read More

New Website

2/27/2013 | Comments: 22

Tired of always looking on the ugly pages of my projects?

There is now one new and shiny, beautiful Website that will feature all my projects.

Right now, this includes DownloadDaemon, Hackwork and Robotux. More Information about the upcoming AutoWWW will be released soon. Stay tuned!


lindamcenerny   4/9/2014

I bought Robotux but I can not get it to retain anything. It initially seems to record and playback my simple text entries, but then seems to forget them and nothing works.

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