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Captcha API

The Captcha API provides easy access to the captcha sharing service, where you can solve a few captchas when you have the time and can therefore let other users solve captchas for you when you don't have time/at night.

To use the service, you need to register an account there. Then go to to find out your API key. AutoWWW needs this key to use your account for solving captchas.

Import the captcha API by typing "import captcha_9kwEu" in the script window.

The captcha API provides the following functions:


The first thing you need to do to use the captcha api is to give it your API key with this function. Call it right after the import-line.


Returns the number of points you have on


Uploads the captcha that's saved in 'path' to the service and waits until the captcha is solved. It then returns the solution to the captcha (this function can take several seconds).

In most cases, this function is used with browser.save_image() or browser.save_as_image().
So you can save the desired image to your harddisk and then upload it with this function.


After solving a captcha, you should call this function to tell the service if the provided solution was correct. Calling this is not absolutely required, but can help you save points. Call it with True if the solution was correct. Call it with False if it wasn't.