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AutoWWW 1.1 Released
11/9/2014 | Comments: 2

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Backups done right

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Basic principles

There are several things that you should notice and keep in mind when using AutoWWW:

  1. AutoWWW is not a general-purpose web-browser like Firefox.
    AutoWWW is specifically designed to interact with pages automatically and you will therefore miss a lot of features if you try to use it as a general purpose browsers (e.g. no bookmarks, no history, ...).
  2. AutoWWW tabs are different to tabs in other browsers.
    In AutoWWW, tabs are more or less independent. This means, that they do NOT share cookies, most of the settings, proxies, etc. Every tab behaves as a different browser instance. This brings the advantage, that it is possible to be logged into different accounts of the same page without having to open multiple instances.
  3. AutoWWW data is not persistent.
    Again, AutoWWW is not a general purpose web browser. When you quit AutoWWW, all data of your session is lost. Cookies are not stored on the harddisk, there is no history, there is no persistent cache.
  4. AutoWWW is meant for legal purposes.
    Do not use AutoWWW for illegal activities. And if you do, I am not responsible. It is your responsibility to use AutoWWW in a legal way. Not mine.