European Edition | 4/4/2024

As many may know, I have taken over responsibility for the Stratux traffic alerting system ... Read More

AutoWWW 1.1 Released
11/9/2014 | Comments: 2

AutoWWW 1.1 has just been released for Linux. Windows builds do not exist yet, but ... Read More

Backups done right

Since this is a Blog, I've decided that I should start using it as such and therefore, ... Read More

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So you found my page. This page covers various information about my software projects.

I am a freelancer software developer, with expertise in GIS and navigation systems, Android, Java and C++ development, as well as decent experience with Python, Go, Node.js and various others.

I have an in computer science and have been hacking away since my childhood.

Feel free to contact me with any requests.


Some open source stuff I have done:

  • Stratux Europe Edition is an open source traffic alerting system for small aircraft written in go. See
  • DownloadDaemon is a remote-controlled download manager daemon written in C++ that can be installed on dedicated/virtual servers and is tiny enough to also run on low-end embedded hardware such as routers and NAS systems. It also contains several plugins for one click hosters to make downloading from them as simple as possible. So it is somewhat similar to pyLoad, but requires much less resources and has fewer dependencies (e.g. no python environment). The project has been more or less unmaintained lately, but should still work.
    There are also several clients that can connect to this download service and remotely control it. There is
    a command line client (ddconsole) in which simple commands can be typed,
    a feature-rich GUI client and
    a php based web-client that can even be run on the same machine as DownloadDaemon itself.
    More details about DownloadDaemon can be found on
    DownloadDaemon is FOSS software published under the GNU General public license 2.
  • Hackwork is a game that was developed as a student project and is now being sold for Linux and Windows through the Ubuntu Software Center and the Desura platform. It is written in C# and utilizes the XNA Framework by Microsoft on Windows and MonoGame on Linux. It is one of those rare "commercial open source applications". Every buyer can obtain a BSD-licensed copy of the source code.
  • Robotux is an input macro recorder for Linux written in python. It makes it simple to record all your keyboard and mouse actions and replay them in various different ways. Click on the Robotux link in the navigation to get more information about it.
  • AutoWWW is project for Linux and Windows (and potentially Mac) that takes the Skills of Robotux to a whole new level for automating web applications. Click on the AutoWWW link in the navigation to get more information about it.
  • Probably a lot more I have forgotten about by now.